Summer Nights in Brighton 2

I’ve just got in for the night from the most amazing gig. I really should get out more, as friends are always telling me, but there’s a special magic to summer evening gigs in Brighton, I find. I went to see the jazz / hip-hop fusion band Sumo Chief who absolutely killed it at The Verdict jazz club (, as part of the New Generation Jazz project ( which is run by two of the nicest geezers in Brighton jazz, Eddie Myer and Jack Kendon. If you’ve ever been into jazz-infused hip-hop (which for me goes back to nineties acts like Tribe Called Quest, Diggable Planets and Pharcyde), rest easy: Sumo Chief are bringing things full circle by playing on live instruments the jazz sounds that inspired those classic hip-hop acts, with their own special twists that draw from the contemporary London scene. With EPs coming out soon, this is definitely a band to watch out for! And I hear they also killed it at Love Supreme.


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