Somewhere Chill and Alternative

Picture the scene: it’s Sunday afternoon and you are suffering from mall fatigue from going round Churchill Square… Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere nearby that was sort of chilled and alternative, somewhere safe enough to take your kids (if you have them), but which was on a positive vibe and not all about making money. Look no further: why not try Synergy Sundays at the Synergy Centre ( If you haven’t come across this creative hub of all things alternative, you might like to check it out. Don’t just moan about West Street being a no-go area full of louts and ladettes at the weekend, be part of the revolution to reclaim it with a positive vibe! Synergy Sundays go on well into the night so there is something for everyone, ranging from a quiet cup of herbal tea or glass of ginger beer in the afternoon to get away from the shopping madness of weekend Brighton and browse the artwork, all the way to numerous creative pursuits: debates, poetry and spoken word, live music, interactive stuff, alternative outreach, chillout DJs, and of course mandala colouring for the kids. Nice one!


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