The New Standard

I’ve just acquired a new instrument to replace my ageing fleet of Tribal Planet PlanetOne 16-hole harmonicas (in various states of disrepair), which are becoming increasingly hard to get hold of now the company is defunct. I’ve gone for a Hohner Super 64, and I’m very pleased with it. It’s very comfortable to play, more comfortable than the PlanetOne and less heavy and cumbersome than the Super 64x, although a bit less luxurious. I think that it’s going to have to be my standard instrument from now. It’s nicer to play I think than a CX12 – it’s nearly as comfortable and the toner is nicer than the CX12’s plastic rattle. And of course it has another octave below middle C compared to the stock CX12. My only minor criticism is the slide action is rather long (I think this comes from the cross-tuning arrangement of reeds that Hohner seem to prefer).


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