Massive Revelation

As the title says I’ve had an incredible epiphany. I had thought a while back that it might be able to freestyle rap to the backing tracks I use to practice jazz standards. I have also been thinking it would be great to start a project with the vibe of some of my favourite classic hip-hop acts, especially after seeing hip-hop played live with jazz instruments. So today during music practice time I decided to give it a go. And guess what, I can do it – kinda. As some of you might know I perform poetry, and I have been MIA from the poetry scene for a while, and it feels like its been building to this. I’m gonna work on an act that combines freestyle with harmonica, because it feels right to mix it up from what I’ve been doing. Be warned it might be a while before I’m brave enough to do this live, but I love the idea of mixing up improvised jazz harmonica with improvised words. It’s a new sound that rocks! And if you are excited by a live jazz/hip-hop act and think you have something to bring to it, send me a message!


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