At the moment I’m refocusing on practicing patterns in the absence of a regular band to play with. I like the idea of something between a scale (although it could be a scale) and a full-blown study, or it could be an exercise or a phrase that makes musical sense. Many exotic scales await! And […]

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Get Out There And Play!

This is advice I need to follow, but I have been trying recently. Highlights being playing with classical harp and Moog synthesizer with the BEEP collective at Speakers’ Corner cafe in George Street, Brighton, and meeting a mellowed-out metal head for a jam. I just wish more local musicians were a bit more reliable in […]

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Hohner Discovery 48

I’ve recently invested in one of these chromatic harmonicas, and I like it a lot. In many ways I think it is the natural successor to the venerable Hohner Chromonica 270/48. It certainly has some of the same pleasantly raspy acoustic quality, and it uses more modern manufacturing to achieve a more comfortable feel. The […]

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Harpin’ Through The Year

If you’ve been following this occasional blog for a while, you might be aware that my great ambition with harmonica playing is currently to escape the plateau I’ve reached at intermediate level and progress to be a really great player. Unlike the likes of Larry Adler who, as far as I know, concentrated on chromatic […]

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Session Open

I’ve been doing a few recording sessions which has proved interesting, and I’ve learnt a few things which is always good. But at this point in the newly begun year it’s almost time for Harpin’ By The Sea: . I’m informed there are still a few tickets left. If you make it I might […]

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The Power of Listening

Two excellent resources I’m currently enjoying are 90s Hip Hop, especially at the moment A Tribe Called Quest, and Yvonnick Prene’s excellent book of 100 Patterns for Chromatic Harmonica. You know all of those guys that did in the 90s what’s sometimes called jazz rap knew their bebop (and often sampled it). It sounds crazy, […]

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A Podcast of Note

I’ve always found soundcloud a somewhat unwieldy platform for listening, although it is great for putting stuff up onto. But just lately I’ve been listening to an interesting podcast for underground artists called Remote Listening that solves that problem for me by pulling together a wide range of independent artists. Contributors range from punk and […]

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