Session Open

I’ve been doing a few recording sessions which has proved interesting, and I’ve learnt a few things which is always good. But at this point in the newly begun year it’s almost time for Harpin’ By The Sea: . I’m informed there are still a few tickets left. If you make it I might […]

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The Power of Listening

Two excellent resources I’m currently enjoying are 90s Hip Hop, especially at the moment A Tribe Called Quest, and Yvonnick Prene’s excellent book of 100 Patterns for Chromatic Harmonica. You know all of those guys that did in the 90s what’s sometimes called jazz rap knew their bebop (and often sampled it). It sounds crazy, […]

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A Podcast of Note

I’ve always found soundcloud a somewhat unwieldy platform for listening, although it is great for putting stuff up onto. But just lately I’ve been listening to an interesting podcast for underground artists called Remote Listening that solves that problem for me by pulling together a wide range of independent artists. Contributors range from punk and […]

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Three Great Licks

I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about licks; it’s not the way I was taught jazz, but occasionally it is a useful concept, and specific licks are well worth transcribing or working out (then ideally promptly forgetting until they drop into your playing naturally). The first one is so famous it is simply […]

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My Lovely Students

It’s been a slightly difficult summer for me, with some ups and downs, but one thing that has really sustained me is my students. It gives me so much motivation in my playing to know that there are people depending on me for tuition, and I really enjoy working with them. I think the main […]

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Have You Got The Feels?

I’ve been trying out a new toy: a Lee Oskar Natural Minor in G. I like it a lot. Adding one of these harps to your kit gives you some of the versatility of a chromatic harp, but in a blues harp friendly package. To test it out I dialled up a minor blues playalong […]

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